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Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters In Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Are you planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? And you’re looking for a fun activity for you and your friends? Look no further than deep-sea fishing with Seafari Yacht Charters. Deep sea fishing is some of the best family-friendly fun you can enjoy under the South Florida sun. Book a fishing charter with Seafari today to go on one of the most amazing adventures you will ever experience!

Parties, cruises, fishing, and scuba diving are just some of the amazing things our clients love to do with us. Our captains are licensed and experienced to ensure you have a great, safe time.

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Seafari Fishing Charters

Seafari offers a premium deep sea fishing charter experience for you and your group. Our deep sea fishing charters are private, so your party has the boat all to yourself. Enjoy fishing for some of the most popular fish species like sailfish, grouper, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, and so many more.

On our private charters, we center our trips around whatever fish you’re after. Our captains are experts of this area, allowing you to go on whatever type of fishing trip you want. We can help you go kite fishing for sailfish just as easily as trolling for dolphin or bottom fishing shipwrecks. If you just want a catch for some fresh bite to eat or a massive gamefish to hang over your fireplace, we got you covered. The possibilities are endless. 

With numerous years under their belt, our captains are highly skilled and experienced so that you can rest easy and fully enjoy your vacation. Whatever fish you catch, our captains will capably clean and prepare them according to your instructions. Whether you’re a complete amateur with zero fishing experience or a seasoned professional, we can cater to all your needs.

Intercoastal Cruising

$2,399/half day

Full Day Local Charter

$3,399/full day

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Beautiful South Florida Experiences

Our fishing boats here at Seafari have been equiped to enhance your overall fishing experience. They’re perfect for fishing with extremely spacious cockpits and a few fighting chairs. But aside from that, comfort is one of our priorities. Our cabins are fully air-conditioned and furnished with the coziest seats. Additionally, our boats come fully equipped with all the fishing rods you will need. They’ll be much larger with massive reels than what most are used to, so you can fight with real monsters weighing a couple of hundred pounds. Of course, you may also bring your own equipment if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Our prices come all-inclusive of bait, gear, tackle, and ice.

What is deep sea fishing?

Deep sea fishing is all about being out in the open sea, away from the city stress. You’ll be fishing in waters with a depth of 100 ft or more in hopes of hauling enormous fish that live and migrate miles from shore. People closely associate deep-sea fishing with sport or big-game fishing, as this is the fishing style you want if you’re looking to hook a real monster.

Deep sea fishing is definitely one of the things you cannot miss when you are in the South Florida area, as South Florida has some of the most desirable fishing charter destinations in the world, with a wide variety of fish species that call its waters home. Many sport fishers make it a point to visit here because of the highly sought-after gamefish found not far off the coast.

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Fishing for Dolphin with Seafari Yacht Charters in Boca Raton

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